I finished my classical education in Milan and I went abroad to complete my education. I spent two years in Krakow in 1987/89, (I won a scholarship for the Academy of Graphics & Art ), then I came back to Italy where I was accepted at the FILM & Television School (only 4 places available), meanwhile I completed my studies at the University in Milan, Faculty of History and Philosophy and a Master degree in Digital Media. After my University degree, I went to England and worked in the film and television industry learning about new methods / technologies of shooting and editing. Back to Italy I got involved as film editor and director in a private television, Antenna 3 andI worked for Kids content: author of the “Encyclopedia of History for kids”, edited by de Agostini and Author for Kids content and programs forDidael and Raisat.

More attracted by new media, I started projecting innovative and technological web platforms, setting up my own consulting company, Ela multimedia. I worked at the first interactive television project in Italy for ITN spa, a big IT company, partner of Microsoft, developing set to box and I set up the first Italian Virtual Community for Telecom: Atlantide.tin.it. I designed the platform and directed and produced some interactive shows as the first Interactive Sanremo music festival. Then I started working for Videoportal, the first satellite television and ISP provider, a new experiment in those times, a platform whose mission was to develop new television content and new technologies in the interactive advertising field. After two years of startup, this company close down leaving investors and workers very disappointed. It was not the right time to bring into the market such an advanced technology. I came back to film and I founded the Independent Film Production Company Filmlux with the aim to tell new and challenging stories, documentaries and future films, focused on real stories and history.
The last three films I produced, wrote and directed “Artists on strike”, “For our freedom and yours”, and “Ingarden and Witkiewicz”, where broadcasted in many countries and in the National State Televisions in Italy and Poland. I decided to go back to Poland and set up the Production Company Wojtekfilms, to develop International content which still connect this two countries, Poland and Italy to the rest of the world.



I was born and raised in Milan where I studied Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan. For the past 27 years since now, I am the CEO of the company Elli SPA which produces gearboxes for customers around the globe. Enthusiast I took part the last years for pure amusement to some film productions and I got so passionate about the industry, that I decided to join it and co develop the Wojtekfilms company. Since I was a a young boy I used to build alone analog devices for audio systems and try to implement the audio quality so I am also co founder of the Audio company Tell-audio . I hope soon to make available to the cinema the best Audio in the World!!.


Producer Assistant

I graduated at the faculty of Economics, in the University of Warsaw but after graduation I decided to work in film production, the sector fascinates me very much, So far I have worked on productions of various documentaries collaborating with Polish producers. I am especially interested in the documentary language and I recently co organized in Warsaw an extraordinary festival of documentaries in which we found very high quality old films.


Music composer and writer
Luis Siciliano, Italian, is an awards winning music composer (Silver Ribbon 2005, Italy. Best composer of year at Venice Film Festival 2010),  poly-instrumentalist, orchestra conductor,  music and film producer, poet (Poesie Muratorie, Lieto Colle edition) and  writer (La Lungara: Un fiume di piombo. Graus Editore). He began to study music at the age of seven and learned composition with Giacomo Vitale and later with Franco Donatoni and Luciano Berio. He has studied orchestral and choral conducting respectively with Carlo Maria Giulini, Ennio Nicotra, Giovanni Acciai and Marco Berrini. In 1999 he took a Masters Degree course in Composition at the New York University. As co producer of the documentary “Artists on strike”, he will not only write the music but will also develop contacts with distributors and investors around the world. He is deeply connected to Polish Culture as he worked in a Polish film and collaborated with Polish musicians.www.aluei.org